Wood Pellet

Our pellets are extremely dense.

They can be produced with a low moisture content (below 8%) that allows them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency.

Bagasse Pellet

Bagasse is currently used as a biofuel.

It makes the process of cogeneration greenhouse gas-neutral, and significantly contribute 'green' power to the electricity supply.

Sawdust Cube

Best Seller of The Pellets.

As we are number 1 of Sawdust Pellet in Thailand, we offer the best quality of Sawdust pellets with high Value for customers.

Bagasse Cube

We are #1 of Bagasse Cube Manufacturer in Thailand.

Research efforts have explored using bagasse as a renewable power generation source and for the production of bio-based materials.

Corn Cob Cube

The uses for corn cob are growing over time.

Recent and important use for corn stover is bio-fuel. Corncobs can also be used in many applications.

Welcome to The Pellets

We are agricultural pellets manufacturing in Thailand. Our products are wood pellet and bagasse pellet which high quality and have good structural strength. Low ash, Moisture content < 10 %, and reasonable price.

The wood pellet made from soft and hard wood, eucalyptus bark, sugarcane bagasse and corn cob. We supply wood pellet as Bio-Fuel for power plants, and other factories that use Bio-Fuel for boiler.

In addition, We also have many kinds of products for response to customer needs.You can see in our products portfolio.

The sugarcane bagasse pellet and corn cob pellets may being applied to any applications for our customers needs .

We produce for domestic sales and exports. Including Japan, Korea, China and Europe.